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Miriam Kogan

IFS is different than most therapy styles. Other styles replace unhealthy coping skills with healthier ones. While it might be helpful in the short term, it does not address the root of the problem. IFS therapy techniques moves the defenses that get in the way of natural healing and helps access the "self energy" that each person has inside.

Luckily, we do not have to heal all on our own. The support of a well trained and compassionate therapist can make a huge difference. In therapy, we can experience the discomfort of the emotional healing process in a safe way. Then we can heal emotional wounds and break free from unhealthy patterns of coping.

Like our body has a mechanism for healing wounds, our spirit has a natural mechanism for healing emotional wounds. The ability to heal is always within us, but the process of healing is painful at times, and we can get in the way of it. Like when we get a cut that bleeds, the wound begins to scab on its own. If left untouched, the cut heals with time. Yet, there is an urge to scratch the scab to relieve the discomfort. Scratching sets the healing back, and if we continue to pick at it we do not heal. When we experience the emotional healing process, it can be painful or uncomfortable. When we give into the urge to "scratch the itch", it sets the healing process back.  

 Certifications & Specialized Training

I am a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and I provide consultation for professionals seeking support

I see individual adults online who live in New York, New Jersey, and Florida. I use Internal Family Systems (IFS) with my work with individuals. IFS releases pain from our past and frees up energy to create more harmony and balance. It addresses the root of the problem and creates lasting change. My clients gain clarity, confidence, courage, calmness and compassion through using these techniques. I also use the IFS model to inform my consultation services to help provide competency with IFS model and to explore  professional goals like improving competence and confidence as a therapist. 

To learn more about IFS, see or go to Links & Resources on my website. 


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