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Rates and Insurance


$350 per 45-minute session (individual)

(Sliding scale options are available)


While I do not directly accept insurance, you may still be able to receive coverage for my services through your health insurance or employee benefit plan. As an out-of-network provider, you have the option to file for out-of-network benefits with your insurer. Here's how it works:

Paying for Services: You will be responsible for paying my fees directly at the time of each session. The rate for each session is 350 for a 45-minute session.

Monthly Superbill: At the beginning of each month, I will provide you with a superbill that includes all the necessary information for insurance filing purposes. This superbill can be submitted to your insurer for reimbursement.

Payments: I accept payments through EHR.  

Out-of-Network Reimbursement: Your insurance provider will review your claim and reimburse you directly based on their out-of-network reimbursement rate. It is important to contact your insurer beforehand to inquire about this rate.

Deductible and Coverage: Additionally, you should determine your mental health service deductible and whether you have met it. Find out the number of therapy sessions covered by your insurance per year, as well as the coverage amount per session. This information will help you make an informed decision about whether filing for reimbursement is financially beneficial for you.

Primary Care Physician Approval: Check with your insurance provider to see if approval is required from your primary care physician before seeking mental health services.

Considerations: It's essential to be aware that when you file for insurance reimbursement, a mental health diagnosis will typically be included in the claim, and it will become a part of your medical records. This information may have implications when applying for other types of insurance, such as medical, health, or life insurance. Insurance providers may deny benefits or charge higher premiums based on a mental health diagnosis.


If you need to cancel or reschedule your therapy appointment, please notify me at least 48 hours in advance. Failure to provide sufficient notice will result in the full cost of the session being charged.


You can request a therapy appointment online by visiting clicking here. However, please note that email communication may not guarantee confidentiality.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please feel free to contact me directly.

Please feel free to contact me!


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